Families shouldn't have to pay for Government failings on school meals!

It has recently been announced that school meals for pupils studying in Hull will triple in costs.

Lib Dem Cllr Linda Tock of Holderness ward, who is also the spokesperson for Education on the group, has raised concerns about the failings of the national government that have led to this school meal price hike in Hull, she said:

"The news of school meal prices increasing is deeply upsetting but not at all surprising, our schools have been cut to the bone."

The price of school dinners in Hull has increased again

“My sympathy goes out to those who have had to make this decision.

"School is the most important part of a child’s life and we have a duty to ensure that everyone gets the best possible start to their education.

"Parents should not have to foot the bill when the government has clearly failed our children - I've consistently campaigned against school cuts and this makes me even more driven to do so."

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