Councillors write to Chief Constable in plea for action over East Park worries

By Admin Lib Dems, Aug 12, 2020 3:08

The three Liberal Democrat Holderness Ward Councillors have today written to Humberside Police's Chief Constable, Lee Freeman, to ask for his intervention in the on-going worries and concerns about crime in East Park

In their letter, Councillors Linda Tock, Jackie Dad and Kalvin Neal called on the intervention to put a stop to Anti-social behaviour in East Park. Their letter to Humberside Police's Chief Constable said that residents in the area who have reported major incidents have been ignored.

They go further and say "...there have been countless cases around the area in which calls have been made by local residents to the Antisocial behaviour team that has not made it to our local policing team."



Lib Dem Councillor Linda Tock said: 

"It is appalling that residents around East Park have done the right thing by reporting incidents of Anti-social behaviour, only to find they've been ignored - nothing has happened and it has been months.

"We've been working alongside residents on this issue and now have felt we have no choice but to call on the Chief Constable of the region to intervene.

"Our local community around East Park deserves better and we're demanding better for them, I hope myself and my colleagues hear back with some positive progress soon."


Letter from the Holderness Ward Councillors to the Chief Constable: 

Dear Chief Constable of Humberside Police,

I felt we needed to write to you regarding a serious concern I and my ward colleagues have regarding the way the local Police team and Council's Anti-Social Behaviour team are working on an area that has seen a spike in issues.

Our concerns are based on recent reports in relation to East Park that you may have seen covered at length by the press. It’s clear to us as local Councillors that there has been an increase in levels of antisocial behaviour in the area and we need action. We have heard countless residents raise an issue with the gates surrounding the park being left open 24/7 and major issues that have arisen from the front gates being kept shut; a decision taken by a Council Portfolio Holder with poor consultation. 

Since the lockdown was eased as Councillors we have been inundated with calls from residents complaining about a large number of young people in the park through the night drinking alcohol, playing loud music and swimming in the lake etc. I have already spoken to the local Police Inspector, HCAL and the Antisocial Behaviour team regarding the complaints received, but feel that now would be the right time for you to make an intervention.

Local residents are unfortunately receiving mixed messages on who this gets reported to, leading to local people coming to their Councillors and saying there have been major incidents in the park. 

Residents in our area deserve reassurance that when they report antisocial behaviour it is dealt with swiftly. For us, there have been countless cases around the area in which calls have been made by local residents that have not been addressed or solved to the standards local residents expect.

I look forward to receiving your comments on this pressing matter, if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind Regards,
Cllr Linda Tock – Cllr Jackie Dad – Cllr Kalvin Neal

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