Stop Labour's East Carr housing plans

Plans have been revealed by Hull's Labour Council to build up to 650 houses on green fields behind Howdale Road (with access via Danby Close and East Carr Road).


This land was allocated for housing by the Labour Council in November 2017.

Labour councillors, including current Sutton Ward councillor Dave Craker, voted IN FAVOUR of allocating this land for housing. At the same meeting, they also voted AGAINST a proposal from opposition councillors to hold more public consultation. You can find the full minutes of that meeting here.

If Labour councillors hadn't voted to allocate this land for housing in 2017 then these current housing plans would never have happened.

Join Cllr Allen Healand and Rhys Furley to fight Labour's housing plans...


Local Liberal Democrat team Cllr Allen Healand and Rhys Furley are determined to fight the plans for housing on East Carr fields.

There are serious concerns around an increased risk of flooding, further congestion and pressure of local services like our primary schools. Allen and Rhys are calling for the plans to be scrapped - and Labour's decision to allocate the land for housing to be overturned.

3 ways you can join the fight against Labour's housing plans for East Carr fields...

1) Nearly 700 residents have already given Allen and Rhys comments to feed in to the Council. You can send them your views by clicking here.

2) Thousands of residents in the Sutton, Howdale Road, Spring Cottage and Saltshouse Road area have already signed a petition against the plans. You can sign the petition here.

3) There is now a six week public consultation on the housing plans. The deadline for taking part is 21st September 2020. You can find all the details by clicking here. You can also find the Labour Council's "Master Plan" for the housing plans here and here.

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