Democratic shambles: Labour Council prevent Councillors from voting virtually part-way through council meeting.

By Admin Lib Dems, Sep 23, 2020 3:09

Scales of Justice in a courtroom.

Thursday’s Full Council meeting took place in both the Guildhall and virtually to adhere to social distancing, as not all councillors can be present in person at one time to maintain Government guidance on social distancing.

During the meeting a Labour Councillor could not be seen or heard virtually when it came to one of them having to caste their vote.



The Labour Group then proposed preventing all councillors who were attending virtually from being allowed to vote, claiming it was a technological error. They stated that this meant only those who were chosen to be present in the chamber would be allowed to vote from then on.

The Lib Dem Group disagreed with this decision, as most councillors were able to join in perfectly well. Indeed many had just asked questions online perfectly well and effectively. One councillor not being able to use the system shouldn’t be used as an excuse to exclude dozens of others.

Lib Dem Councillor Jack Haines for Boothferry Ward said:

"The Labour Council refused to listen to the public not just once today by rejecting the proposal for a Citizens Assembly, but three times.

"Firstly, they denied Councillors in virtual attendance at the full council meeting the ability to vote on decisions part-way through.

"Secondly, Labour voted against a request to extend time for questions, preventing many important questions from being asked that the Lib Dem Group had received from the public - ignoring local residents.

"Finally, the Labour Group opposed two democratic proposals today, one calling for more public consultation on cycle lanes and another proposing to setup a Citizens Assembly to give residents a direct voice and to make them part of the process of the recovery of Hull after Covid-19."

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