Liberal Democrats in Hull are demanding better

How would you spend £210,000 of Council funding? More road and footpath repairs? Or keeping local streets cleaner and safer?

Hull's Labour Council has chosen to spend £210,000 hiring three new Guildhall managers - paid over £90,000 each!


Everyone knows money is tight – so why isn’t Hull’s Labour Council listening to what residents want?

Whilst cutting front line services, Labour have chosen to hire three extra costly Council managers all earning over £90,000 each. They've also given an extra paid position to ALL 31 Labour councillors - some pocketing an extra £10,000 each.

Hull Labour don’t listen to residents – the Lib Dems demand better.

A Lib Dem Council will listen to you. We will reduce the number of paid jobs for councillors and reduce the number of managers on enormous salaries. Instead, we will invest that money in making your neighbourhood cleaner, greener and safer.

If you demand better - sign our petition today.

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