Lib Dems call for citywide life-saving defibrillator roll-out

At this week's full council, Liberal Democrat Councillors will propose that the council maps out a plan and rolls out citywide life-saving defibrillator services.

This news comes as Hull City Council have been found not to be aware of where all the defibrillators are across their own city, the Liberal Democrats are calling for a coordinated plan that would see the live-saving machinery rolled out across the city.

The call comes from Lib Dem Cllr Jan Loft who was struck when she heard about the death of Hull resident Gary Mackinder. He tragically lost his life after suffering a cardiac arrest at Bransholme's North Point Centre.

Cllr Loft and the Liberal Democrats are now saying that the council should map the city's defibrillator cold spots, work with local sports teams and develop a plan to see full coverage of defibrillators in public spaces.


Liberal Democrats Councillor for North Carr, Jan Loft, said:

"The Liberal Democrats are calling for new life-saving defibrillators across the city, with full public accessibility.

"Defibrillators can save lives, and we want this city to be a pioneer in the rollout of the life-saving equipment en-mass in all of our public spaces. There's no question that we need more of them in Hull, just like most of the country.

"Hull City Council have the opportunity to save lives by implementing and rolling out our defibrillator plan across our city."


Notes to editor:

Copy of the motion:

Council notes that on average 30,000 people each year suffer a sudden cardiac arrest outside of hospital, and 20% of these incidents occur in public spaces. Council further notes only 10% of victims of cardiac arrests survive when the incident occurs outside hospital.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can play a significant role in saving the lives of people who suffer heart attacks in public. It is estimated that a shock from an AED, alongside CPR treatment, increases survival rates to 75-80%.

Council notes the tragic events in June in which Hull resident Gary Mackinder passed away from a cardiac arrest suffered in Bransholme’s North Point Centre. There was no public defibrillator installed in the centre at the time.

Council commends the Oliver King Foundation for since donating a defibrillator to the North Point Centre, and the GoFundMe campaign organised by Mr Mackinder’s family which has already raised enough to fund three defibrillators in public spaces in Hull.

Council notes that, though there are public defibrillators in various places across the city including some council premises and assets, there are gaps in the provision of publicly accessible AEDs and at present, there is no holistic mapping system listing all AEDs in Hull.

Therefore Council agrees to:

  • Compile a list, and an interactive map, of all public defibrillators in Hull including those in non-council premises.
  • Review and, where appropriate, increase the provision of defibrillators across all council-owned spaces including public parks, community centres, leisure facilities, and areas of high public footfall.
  • Work with amateur sports teams to ensure they know how to access AEDs and are trained in the use of defibrillators and CPR
  • Bring a report to Health and Well-being Scrutiny Commission no later than September 2021 detailing a plan to roll out more AEDs across the city, and to produce a fully interactive mapping system to locate all public defibrillators in Hull.

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