"Debate her" say Hull Lib Dems

Following news that ITV News would not feature the Lib Dem Leader, Jo Swinson, in the election TV debate - Cllr Mike Ross, who is standing for the party in Hull North, has added his criticism to the exclusion.

The Liberal Democrat party, as recently as September, has received public support in poll ratings of around 23%. This was 2% above the Labour Party according to a YouGov poll taken on 18th September 2019. The Liberal Democrats go into this election with high hopes, putting forward their prospects of government and so believe they should feature in all televised debates.


Lib Dem Group Leader and Parliamentary Candidate for Hull North Cllr Mike Ross said:

“The decision for ITV to not welcome Jo Swinson onto a live TV political debate is fundamentally wrong. It would be refreshing to have an alternative to the same old worn-out two peas in a pod of Corbyn and Johnson for the public to consider – Jo Swinson has something different to offer and represents a sizeable number of the British people.

"What is it that Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are scared of? Why do they seem so reluctant to debate Jo Swinson? It is because they know that if Jo was part of the debate the public will see the alternative to their failed ways.

“In the last national election in this country, the European elections, just a few months ago, the Liberal Democrats beat both the Conservatives and Labour parties. It would seem ludicrous for the leader not to be given the same level of time, then as Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn in the TV debates.”

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