Lib Dems take call for public to be listened to on cycle changes to the top

By Admin Lib Dems, Sep 11, 2020 1:09

The Lib Dem group on Hull city council will be calling for Labour’s guildhall bosses to listen to the public on changes to the road network at a meeting of the council next week. The Lib Dems will raise concerns about how the public were ignored and call for the council to engage with residents before making more changes. 

This comes following warnings from the Government’s Transport Secretary that councils would be challenged if they have misspent the government funding. According to the Government’s Transport Secretary Councils would need to fix any dangerous changes they had made with the money, but also needed to listen to residents in their area, before the Government would release any further road infrastructure funding.


In Hull residents have been raising their criticisms with how the changes to the road network happened overnight and without involving local residents in the process. Many cyclists have also voiced their disquiet with the alterations, as they feel many of the changes are dangerous and put them at greater risk. 

The Hull Liberal Democrats carried out a virtual survey to find out what residents thought about the new cycle lanes and changes to the bus lane enforcement operating hours – the survey had over 1,500 respondents.  

Councillor Mike Ross, Leader of Hull City Council’s Lib Dems stated:  

“We are extremely alarmed that this council has not attempted to engage with the public on these changes. Instead, they’ve ploughed on, made no attempt to work with residents or those who use the road network regularly and this has led to the outcry seen over recent weeks.

“We all want to see improvements that see the number of people safely cycling in Hull increasing, but the council have gone about this completely the wrong way. Instead of seeking to work with people, they have instead left the public out in the cold.

“We will be using the meeting to call for the council to consult local residents and really listen to what they have to say to help make the changes better before proceeding with more work. The council should work with the community to provide a way to get more people cycling, rather than just imposing changes on the city.”

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