Councillors vow to keep up the fight for libraries after the mobile library service is closed

Lib Dem Councillors have vowed to keep up the fight for Hull’s libraries after the mobile library service was withdrawn.

The mobile library service was closed by the Labour administration despite a campaign and calls for it to stay open.

As a result of the mobile library services closure many communities will have no library service. The problem could be made worse next year if Labour councillor’s proposals to reduce library opening hours are railroaded through.

Lib Dem councillor, Dave McCobb, said: “Many people in the area I represent are upset and angry about the withdrawal of the mobile library service. Many have asked me why the service mobile library service was shut despite the fact that labour councillors recently spent £380,000 on purchasing Pacific Exchange.”

“Some residents now face a long trip to the next nearest library,” added Dave. “If Labour keep cutting the service soon the only library left will be in the city centre.”

“We will of course keep campaigning to get Labour councillors to spend money on our libraries instead of wasting it on their pet projects.” 

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