Councillor Dave McCobb – “The Council must learn lessons about how it carries out major road repairs”

Beverley Ward councillor Dave McCobb is calling on the Council to review how it handles major junction repair work in light of confusion, delays and access issues during the recent road works at the junction of Beverley Road, Sutton Road and Greenwood Avenue.

Cllr McCobb said: “Whilst most people agree that repair work was needed, and are pleased with the outcome, the Council has a lot to learn about how to keep residents properly informed.

“My biggest concern is the lack of suitable information. Notices went up a long time before residents and businesses were notified by letter – causing a lot of confusion about what was planned.

“The letters sent out were so unclear they didn’t explain how access to homes would be affected, nor what diversionary routes people who live in or travel through the area should use. The distribution area was too small to cover the homes whose regular routes would be affected.

“This is all the more frustrating as I was asking the Council for weeks beforehand to provide this information, yet nothing happened.

“To add insult to injury the dates for the work given in a Council press release were wrong – meaning local councillors and the local media passed on incorrect dates through no fault of their own.

“Then the plans changed mid-way through and blocked cut-throughs in the central reservation – leaving some residents  with no access to their homes. In some extreme cases some residents were directed by site operatives to drive the wrong way on the dual carriageway to get home.

“The Council must learn the lessons about how it carries out major road repairs. There needs to be a full review of how it communicates with people about major works like this and ensure that adequate information is provided. Staff on site must also be clear about how to direct traffic and answer access queries.

“Everyone understands that to resurface a major junction like this, some disruption is inevitable – but all the more reason to get the communication with local residents spot on.”

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