Councillor Daren Hale – Clarification

On 2 December 2021 the Hull Lib Dem Group issued a press release to the media in relation to the award of a grant for the regeneration of Trafalgar Street Church.

We have been asked to clarify the decision-making process relating to the award of this grant, and we are happy to do so.

In our original press release we referred to the decision as having been "signed off" by Cllr Daren Hale. At the time we felt this was justified as Cllr Hale was one of four formal consultees whose comments are listed in the official record of this decision, and he gave comments supporting the award of the grant.

Cllr Hale has asked us to clarify that he was not the final decision taker which was one of the senior members of council staff, but one of four formal consultees to grants in respect of “at risk” buildings on Beverley Road that were on an agreed list with the Heritage Lottery. We are happy to confirm this for the avoidance of any confusion.

We also made the following statements in that press release;

“The signing off of these funds to Mr Bayes by the Council’s Labour leadership is a disgrace and a poor lack of judgement”.

“Mr Bayes is a former Labour councillor who was jailed after being convicted of downloading indecent images of children. Handing this eye watering grant to him looks to the public like using taxpayers’ money to help your mates through hard times …”.

“Finally, Councillor Hale should consider his position as Council Leader. By signing this off himself, with no thought of how it looked to the public, he showed appalling lack of judgement”.

We are also happy to confirm for the record that we do not believe there to have been any impropriety or breach of procedural rules by Cllr Hale personally in relation to this matter and did not intend our press release to be read in any way that implied otherwise.

To the extent those statements could imply otherwise we hereby unreservedly clarify them.

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