Councillor Claire Thomas calls for action on former Birds Eye site on Hessle Road

The former Birds Eye site on Hessle Road has been empty and on the market since 2006 and Birds Eye moved off the site. Birds eye have put forward two different planning applications which have both been turned down by the Council.

The most recent development is that Birds Eye has put in a legal challenge against the Planning Inspector's appeal ruling that the planning application should be turned down. 

The legal challenge has been placed in the hope of turning over a decision by planning councillors in 2012 not to allow mixed housing and employment development of the site.

The Planning Inspectorate accepted some of the grounds for the legal challenge and so the next step is for the Planning Inspectorate to re-determine the appeal. So far no date has been set for this decision to be made.

Pickering ward’s Lib Dem councillors Claire Thomas and Abigail Bell have been supporting local residents, who want to see housing on the land.

Claire said: “Something needs to happen to the former Birds Eye site soon. It has been empty for far too long. While the Council and Birds Eye argue about what the land should be used for, it is just a big piece of waste land that is not benefiting anyone.

"The Planning Inspectorate needs to give a new judgement on the appeal as soon as possible. I will be writing to ask that they progress the challenge as quickly as possible.”

“Local people have waited long enough to see development on this site. The majority of people want to see housing on the site, and have also supported a mixed use that would incorporate some housing and some employment use. Now everyone wants to see some action so the site is developed and put to good use.”

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