Council Tax Freeze Motion

At a meeting of councillors tomorrow (Thursday) opposition Lib Dem councillors will call for Council Tax to be frozen in this year's budget.

Lib Dem Group Leader, Councillor Mike Ross, said: “On Thursday Lib Dem councillors will be calling on the Labour administration to freeze Council Tax this year.

“All indications are that they will raise the tax by 4%, which would hit some of the least well off in the city very hard. Labour councillors need to give hard working people a break and they shouldn’t be putting up Council Tax.

“Many people are starting to question Labour’s priorities. We simply don’t think it is right to ask residents to pay more Council Tax to finance a new £32million conference centre and then subsidise it after as well.

“Labour councillors need to stop seeing Council Tax payers as the only way to finance their pet projects. They should look for investment elsewhere.”

While in power the Lib Dems froze Council Tax for three years.

For the past three years Labour councillors have put up Council Tax by the most they can 1.95%. Changes in rules this year mean they can put Council Tax up by 4% without having to get the approval of residents through a referendum.

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