Council spends another £25,000 on consultants

Opposition councillors have attacked Hull’s Labour administration for spending another £25,000 on consultants looking into the boundary issue.

Recently the Council agreed to pay consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers £25,000 to: “explore the potential options and benefits in relation to a merger scenario of the administrations of Hull City Council and East Riding Council.”

Lib Dem councillors have branded the spend a waste of money and called on Labour councillors to reign in their spending.

Councillor Claire Thomas said: “I can’t believe that Labour councillors have agreed to spend yet more money on consultants at the same time as they are axing vital services.

“They have already commissioned an independent inquiry to look into the boundary issue which could cost up to £35,000. Now they're spending even more money before the commission has announced any of its findings. 

“They need to understand that every penny counts and that they can’t keep frittering away tax-payers money on consultants.”

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