Citizens Assembly rejected by “tone deaf” Labour Council

By Admin Lib Dems, Sep 22, 2020 5:09

Local Lib Dems have hit out after Labour's Guildhall bosses rejected proposals for a Citizens Assembly to help the city rebuild following the Covid19 pandemic. The Citizens Assembly would have sought to bring in residents voices, in order to share ideas about how the city should recover from the effects of Covid19.

The Labour Councillors, however, chose not to listen to this call and decided it knew best for the recovery of the city and not local residents.


This is an idea that is already being practised in Bristol City Council and residents are helping to reshape their city as it too recovers from Covid-19.

Lib Dem Councillor Jack Haines, who proposed the idea expressed his disappointment that he too hadn't been listened to:

"Once again residents are being told that 'Labour know best' and their voice doesn't matter. We wanted to create a space for a selection of local residents that are non-political to come and share their ideas in a public Citizens Assembly.

"Let's be honest and recognise the fact that we are in uncharted territory and so nobody has arrived at the answer of how this city can best recover from Covid-19."

“In times like this we need to open up to new ideas to tackle new problems. This Citizens Assembly would have given Hull better chances at a better recovery from Covid-19."

Lib Dem Councillor Holly Burton, who supported the idea in council, also shared her disappointment:

“This Labour Council has once again committed to a “my way or the highway” way of thinking. They’ve voted down a motion that would give us a valuable opportunity to address the city's inequalities and build solutions with residents.”


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