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Lib Dem Cllr challenges failing Children's Services in Hull

By Admin Lib Dems, Feb 14, 2020 11:02

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Letter - Hull Daily Mail 14/02/2020; Page 14

Like many others, I have serious concerns with the damning Ofsted inspections of Hull City Council’s Children’s services, particularly the most recent ones. What most shocked me was that things got worse when they were already in a damning state to begin with, you can’t out-damn ‘damning’, but somehow the political leadership has managed to.

I found the comments from the Portfolio Holder, Cllr Peter Clark, that ‘the only way is up!’ and that he wanted to ‘stay and finish the job’ alarming. It has been under his watch that the service has gone backwards. It is time he, as the political leadership of this service, took responsibility and resigned. Children are at risk – there is no room for further errors. Even Labour MPs are calling for him to consider his position.

Perhaps the most immediate indictment and my major concern is the Ofsted report highlighted that a number of children during the most recent inspection were identified as being at ‘immediate risk of serious harm’. This is extremely alarming. If something happened to one of those children it would be unforgivable and would all have been preventable and avoidable as Ofsted have flagged it a number of times – if something happened to any of those children, then the consequences would be horrendous.

Something has to change right away because the political leadership has failed the children of this city and it can’t all just be blamed on money. Other councils are meeting their obligations to children in their city facing similar financial difficulties and circumstances. We should expect the same here in Hull.


Cllr C.E. Randall

Former Lib Dem Children's Services Portfolio Holder


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