Calls for more information over pool closures

Local Councillor Dave McCobb has asked that users of public facilities be kept better informed about closures and repair works.

The calls come after Councillor McCobb received a number of complaints from parents angry that Oak Road Playing Fields toddlers’ paddling pool closed late last week and over the weekend. No information was posted to let users know what was going on.

Dave has today written to Council officers asking that in future, more be done to keep the public more informed about why facilities are closed and when people can expect them to reopen, and also to avoid such facilities being closed over the weekends.

Dave said, “Parents tell me that they can’t imagine a worse time than at the height of the beautiful summer weather and at the start of the school holidays for this paddling pool to have been closed.

“Local residents and I all understand that if repairs need to be carried out to ensure kids are safe, they must happen. We agree that the Council is right to put children’s’ safety first.

“However, a simple notice put up near the pool explaining that it was closed to undertake repairs and an expected reopening date would have really helped residents who were disappointed to find the facility closed over the weekend.

“Equally, the Council needs to do everything it can to make sure that repairs are carried out swiftly and, wherever possible, ensure that facilities like this one are repaired in time for holidays and weekends.”

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