Calls for faulty crossing lights to be fixed

Call have been made for the lights at the pedestrian crossing on Beverley Road, between Mizzen Road and Tesco, to be fixed.

Beverley ward Councillor Dave McCobb made the plea after the power to them failed for the second time in as many months – leaving local people struggling to cross the road without traffic signals.

Dave is calling on the Council and energy suppliers to do all that they can to ensure the power to the crossing doesn’t cut out again.

Dave said: “This is a really important crossing over a very busy stretch of 40mph road. Every time the power goes out the road is very difficult for people to cross and confusing for motorists.

“There are a large number of older people in the Trafalgar Estate area and this makes it very difficult for them to get to Tesco. Older people and children shouldn’t be having to run across a busy  road while trying to dodge traffic travelling at 40mph.”

Dave added: “I’m calling on the Council and the energy suppliers to do all that they can to fix problem and ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

If local residents spot a problem at the crossing they should report to the Council by calling 300300 and to Cllr Dave McCobb at [email protected]

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