Call for inquiry into the ‘sale’ of the Merchant Navy Memorial

A Lib Dem councillor has today called for an independent inquiry to be held into the attempted sale of the Merchant Navy memorial.

The call comes after it was revealed earlier this week that a scrap metal dealer had been offered the propeller and anchor from the Memorial.

The area in which the Memorial is located is currently being renovated by the Council.

Earlier this year the Council controversial ripped out cobble sets and historical railway tracks at the Marina as part of the same project.

Opposition Lib Dem councillor Adam Williams said: “The Merchant navy Memorial is an important part of our history. Whether it was an accident or not, the offer to sell part of Hull’s heritage like this is a disgrace.

“I am very concerned about what else might have been offered for sale by mistake during all the works that have taken place recently.

 “I along with many others want an inquiry to be held into how this happened. Today I am calling on the Council to set one up.”

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