Call for Council to oppose Tax Credit cuts

Next week opposition Lib Dem councillors will be calling for the Council to oppose the Government’s attempts to cut Tax Credits.

At a meeting of councillors the Lib Dems will argue that cuts to tax credits would hit local people hard and should be opposed.

The change will mean a total loss of £21,900,000 to families in Hull and Hessle, with the average family losing £750 a year.

Despite claims from the Conservatives that those affected will benefit from plans to increase the minimum wage, the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies has said the Government’s figures don’t stack up.

Councillor Dave McCobb said: “£750 might not be a lot of money to an MP in Westminster, but for many families living in Hull that’s a lot of money.

“The Conservatives plans are shocking and we are campaigning against them. I fully support the attempts by Lib Dem peers and Hull based Lord Parekh, who recently voted for a "fatal motion" to reject the plan completely.

“For five years in coalition government this is precisely the kind of thing that the Lib Dems were blocking. Now the Conservatives have free reign people are seeing what a difference the Lib Dems were actually making in government.”

“I’m sure the whole Council can get behind the campaign to stop the Conservative tax credit cuts,” added Dave.

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