Hull Liberal Democrat Statement on Racism

Our commitment to social justice

By Admin Lib Dems, Jul 02, 2020 10:07

Hull Liberal Democrats stand in solidarity with black communities here in the UK, USA and around the world. At this time, when our values are being challenged, as liberals we stand on the side of racial and social justice.


Here in Hull, the Liberal Democrats will:

  • Commit to an actively anti-racist approach within areas we have influence, such as calling for transparent reporting and monitoring of the impact of these organisations on the BAME community: for example, continuing to request reporting on the BAME pay gap. 
  • Scrutinise and act on any available information about the impact of the Covid pandemic on BAME communities in Hull.
  • Acknowledge the need to challenge ourselves as individuals and in our own organisation about the dangers of unconscious bias.
  • Work with the Lib Dem Campaign for Racial Equality to develop policies to inform our work with the BAME community in Hull.


You can find more information from the national Liberal Democrat party at:

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