Denis Healy Lib Dem challenger to be Humberside Police & Crime Commissioner


Denis Healy is the Liberal Democrat challenger to be Police & Crime Commissioner in Humberside.

Denis has lived and worked in the area for over 25 years. He is an experienced manager with a long career in business and manufacturing, supporting local manufacturing companies and helping their apprentices and engineers improve their skills.

Denis will apply his leadership and management skills to bring people together to get the best out of Humberside police.

Denis has a clear plan to improve Policing in Humberside. Denis will:-

  • Invest in front-line Policing by spending less on empty office space, politically appointed deputies and personal press officers - so community policing is more high profile.
  • Set up a dedicated fund to help victims of crime - he will refuse to take all of the salary and give £25,000 a year to help crime victims.
  • Work with local leaders, public services and the voluntary sector to prevent crime and reduce reoffending - cutting crime isn’t the job of the Police alone.
  • Visit every parish, town and city personally every year - to hear local residents’ concerns first-hand. 

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