“Time Hull’s Labour bosses took responsibility” say Lib Dems

Opposition Lib Dem councillors have spoken out after the news emerged that a senior council officer has left the authority with massive overspends in their service. 

The Lib Dems have laid the blame firmly at the feet of the ruling Labour group and called on them to take responsibility for the financial situation at the council.

The call comes after claims that a senior officer at the Council, Milorad Vasic, was allegedly asked to stand down because of overspends in his service area.

Leader of the Lib Dem Group, Councillor Mike Ross, said: "These overspends pre-date Mr Vasic being appointed at the Council. Whilst he needed to work on getting the overspends under control, the problem was there before he arrived.

“The Labour administration has been in charge for five years. Their own mismanagement – and deliberately dodging decisions back in 2011 – has already resulted in them having to make deeper cuts to services than would otherwise have been needed.

“It is their decisions over many years that have led to these overspends. They need to start taking responsibility for their mistakes – not trying to shift all the blame onto officers.”

The Lib Dems are demanding an independent enquiry into the handling of the overspends at the Council.

Councillor Ross added: “It is the ten Labour councillors in the Council’s cabinet, who oversee the various departments, which have questions to answer about the decisions they've made, getting the Council into a financial mess.

“This is public money – and it is the taxpayers of Hull who are being hit harder because of Labour’s financial incompetence. The time has come for Labour councillors to take responsibility and, if necessary, take the fall.”

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