Opposition Lib Dem councillors are calling for more openness over controversial plans for a new cruise ship terminal in the city - which could be sited just yards from people's homes.

The Council's cabinet met this morning and agreed to press ahead with plans for a cruise ship terminal. One of the two potential sites is off the Victoria Dock housing area.

 Adam Williams, Lib Dem councillor for the Victoria Dock area, said: 

"The Council seem to want to build a cruise ship terminal in a residential area, where there is no road to the site, or the room to build one. If the Council really wants to build a cruise ship terminal there are many sites along the Humber that could be considered which are not next to people's homes.

"At the recent Council elections Labour put leaflets out in the Victoria Dock area saying they were looking at a number of other sites. But it was clear this morning that there is only one other site being considered – and that is one that had been previously ruled out as unviable. Any plans like this should involve proper consultation with local residents who would be directly affected."

Lib Dem councillor Claire Thomas raised concerns about the proposals at a recent scrutiny meeting at the Council. She said: 

"The Labour administration has spent the last 4 years blaming all its cuts on government funding, and yet they can find £10million to spend on a cruise terminal. Thousands of pounds has already been wasted on the doomed plan to bring HMS Illustrious to the city - this cruise ship terminal plan needs to be properly looked at before any more public money is spent on it."


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