550 signature petition ignored

A petition signed by 550 people calling for the reinstatement of a bus route is being ignored.

Lib Dem councillor Jackie Dad says that a petition calling for the reinstatement of the 53 bus route is being ignored by the Labour administration.

Jackie said: “550 people signed a petition calling for the 53 bus route to be reinstated. Those people have been ignored by those in power and that’s not good enough.”

Jackie first raised concerns about the 53 route when it was earmarked for deletion in June 2014 without any warning or consultation.

After campaigning on the issue the route was kept running until the end of August. However, since the end of August 800 households haven’t had a convenient bus route to get to the shops, school or work.

“The petition was presented to councillors in September and referred to Cabinet. There have now been two Cabinet meetings, but nothing has happened. It’s simply not good enough.

“I don’t think the Labour councillors in charge of the Council realise how important this issue is,” added Jackie.

“A decision should have been made by now and I’m calling for the Cabinet to make a decision at their December meeting. The 550 people who signed the petition and those that relied on the 53 bus shouldn’t be kept in limbo.” 

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