1,000 residents sign petition to call on P&O to keep Zeebrugge route open sparks call on Government to act

The Lib Dems in Hull have been leading calls for P&O and the Government to work together to keep the passenger route open between Hull and Zeebrugge to protect jobs and safeguard the regions tourist sector.

Earlier this week, they put in writing their opposition to proposals to close the route to the Chief Executive of P&O boss, also setting out their support for government intervention if needed.

Additionally, Lib Dem Councillor Rob Pritchard, with the backing of 1,000 local resident's signatures, has sent a letter to the Government Minister Nigel Huddleston which stated; "The Government has promised to 'power-up' the North, but this won’t be possible if the North isn’t supported adequately".

Councillor Rob Pritchard, Shadow Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture & Tourism said:


"Tourism is going to be a key sector for Hull recovering from COVID-19 and if tourists can't easily get to Hull from Europe, then we are going to miss out on all of the cash they usually come and spend in Hull.

"I have taken the signatures of 1,000 residents to petition the Government to call for them to act to safeguard Hull's future economic prospects.

"This city has so much to offer and I want to see that it continues to showcase its music, culture and arts sectors way into the future; to the widest possible audience all around the world."

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